Louie's 6th Party

posted 13 Jun 2011, 02:52 by pro footballparties   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 07:20 ]
Louie's 6th Birthday 4/06/11
Hi Jo/Darren
I just wanted to say a big thank you for making Louie's party a great one!  He absoutely loved it, and has already said he wants the same again next year!  I have also had comments from some of the parents to say that their boys had a great time (and also comments from the parents to say what a great party it was)!  So just want to say thanks again for keeping Louie and all of his friends entertained for the whole time, with the games, matches and penalty shoot outs which all contributed to such a fantastic party.  I also thought the personalised invites, medals, certificates and winning prizes were great and Louie has his trophy on display in the living room!