Party Packages

We have a range of football party packages to suit all your needs and budgets:
  • Premiership Package (1 Hour)
  • Champions League Package (1-1/2 Hours)

  • World Cup Package (1-1/2 Hours)

  • *NEW* Bubble Football Parties (1 Hour) up to 20 kids (or adults!)
Feel free to contact us to discuss your party ideas or download our comprehensive list of party packages. (Please see package list below) 
Don't forget any package can be tailored to suit you and your party! At your choice of venue too! 
We comply to the FA guidelines for coaching ratio's (1-16 children) so if you need to invite more children, don't worry we provide the extra qualified coaches to cater for your needs! 
The birthday child will always be the centre of attention and will be the team captain at his/her party!
Don't forget that we do all the work for you and dependant on the package you choose we even provide you with personalised party invites! 
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12 May 2013, 05:29